The Scramblers – Super Surfer U.S.A. 7”
Shorty Gagne – Skateboard son of a gun 7”
The Alleykats – Skate Board // Ye, ye 7”
Les Aristocrates ‎– Je Veux Danser (Action) / Le Train (Qui Ne Revient Pas) 7” (with Pic Sleeve!)

Black Smoke Band – Skateboard 7”
Larry Norman – Tactical Maneuvers CD
Robin – Rullalauta ABC 7” (both versions)

Bag Men, the – Scaling the Walls, tape
Blind Justice (San Diego area) - both demo tapes
Contortion Session (Texas) - demo tape
Failure to Follow Instruction - anything available (not sure if they ever recorded any-thing)
Kirk and the Jerks - first demo tape (1986)
Handicap Porno - We´re not birds, we´re a jugband tape
Naked Lady Wrestlers – flexi 7”
Nomed – Mad Skater tape
Perdition (San Diego area) - demo tape
RIOT.303 - 7"
Shredded Steale (San Diego area) - demo tape
Smarties, the – We just want to have our fun tape
Statement – Skateboards, baseball caps and heavy metal tape
Sub Society - No legs to stand on tape
Thrashing Hectic Circle – Killing for peace tape

+ any obscure tape or 7” I might not have
+ any flyers/ photos of POLITICAL CRAP or THE SHARXX (with Duane Peters, ca. 1979-1981)
+ any flyers/ photos of THE HOODS (Huntington Beach/ Long Beach, ca. 1979/1980)

Scans of Flipside Fanzine
I am espically looking for scans of #11, 13, 14, 21. Also on my wantlist, but not that important as the other ones are #3, 5, 28 and 29. Complete scans would be awesome, but I´m esp. interested in Huntington Beach Scene reports and NorCal and SoCal scene reports in general.

Scans of Transworld Skate Mag
Any Skate Rock articles/interviews etc. that were published before 1990. I already checked the following issues: #1 – 7 (June/July 1984); then Oct./Nov. 1984; Feb. 1985; June 1985 and Aug. 1985. All other issues I didn´t check.