Vintage Skaterock Book - Skateboard Music of the 1960s and 1970s

The first book ever about skateboard music

Way before there was Punk Rock, Thrasher Magazine and Skate Rock, a good bunch of songs about skateboarding were written and recorded all over the world. The Vintage Skaterock book is a collection of all the skateboard tunes that were recorded in the 1960s and the 1970s. It features the pioneers from 1964, like THE SIDEWALK SURFER, THE GOOD GUYS, JAN & DEAN or THE CHALLENGERS as well as national and international hits of the late 1970´s like L.A. Run (THE CARVELLS) or Skateboard Ooh-Ah-Ah (BENNY/ COPAINS), big names like JEFFERSON STARSHIP, obscure studio projects like the SKATEBOARD ROLLERS or SUPERSKATEBOARD MACHINE, the Scandinavian Dansband phenomenom and many many more releases from all over the world, including rarieties like URS from Switzerland, PLASTIC ZOO from Japan or BLEND from South Africa.

And it has the exclusive story of the skateboard guitar of SURF PUNKS guitarist Drew Steele (R.I.P.).

hard facts:

  • 192 pages
  • 7“ format
  • hardcover
  • about 350 colored scans of record covers and labels
  • plus many photos and extras
  • year of release: 2012
  • printed in Germany

Vintage Skaterock covers every piece of music written, performed and/or waxed from 1960 till 1979 with any connection to skateboarding. The book comes with a complete discography of all Skaterock songs and records, including all the relevant information a collector (usually) needs (except where to find the rarities!).

The record details are completed with background information about the artist, the song, the record plus a short review of the music itself.

For those who are not interested in record details and stuff like that, there are hundreds of pictures with many colors of all the featured records. The picture sleeves alone would have made a great book. But with all the extra information it´s just incredibly great!! (You also get a lot of that weak humor!)

Another chapter deals with the „History of Skaterock“. It takes a look at the chronological and geographical expansion of the Vintage Skaterock and offers also some statistics.

Featured artists / bands

 Dean Torrence, Dennis Dragon, Surf Punks, Jan & Dean, The Protein Bros., Benny Schnier, The Challengers, The Good Guys, The Buddies, The Buddys, The Coastliners, The Crossfires, Jerry Dee & Bounty County, The Dragons, The Fantastic Baggys, Annette, The Hondells, The Jalopy Five, Cindy Kennedy, The Little Wheels, The Mad Lads, Manuel & the Renegades, The Racers, The Ragamuffins, Rincon Surfside Band, Floyd Robinson, Smokey Robinson, The Sidewalk Surfers, The Surfaris, The Surfettes, Norma Tracey and the Cinderella Kids, The Turtles, Skaterdater OST, Wheely McSidewalk and the Ball Bearings, Willie and the Wheels, Aimable, Laura Allan, Per Andersson, Ballrace, Benny & Copains, Copains, Jan Berry. Bingos, Birth Control, Bläck Fööss, Blend, Blond Band, The Boppers, The Bozone, Andre Brasseur, Buddy´s, Bus Connection, Jack Butwell, John Cameron, Cliff Carpenter, Corky Carroll, Alan Carvell, The Carvells, Chinox, Desmon Child & Rouge, Nils Dacke, Les Copains, Daffy Duck, Del*13 and the Midtonians, Devo, Disco Dance Machine, Dohnnie, Dr. John, Du & Vi, Thierry Dupin, Easy, Hans Edler, Elevator, Joe Farrell, Fat Bubbles, Zack Ferguson, Daniel Fleury, Franco Franchi, Leif Garrett, Jefferson Starship, Jigs, Joey & The Hotshots, Al Johnson, The Keane Brothers, Kenth-Erics, The Kick Flips, Kjell Vidars, Lady Skate et les Skateboard Kids, Lucy Lastik, Leif Bloms, Level, Mabel, Made in France, Magnum Bonum, Martin Circus, The Mixtures, The Nits, Okie Choir & Surf Band, OL´55, Dave O´Brian, Kellee Patterson, The Photos, Plastic Zoo, The P.M. Band, The Protein Brothers, Rhodes Rockers, Ricky and the Kween Teens, Rodgers and Hammersmith, Roller Cats, Berry Sarluis, Savanna, Shake, Skateboard, Skate Board Rollers, Slick Willie, Smoghorn, Sneakers & Lace, South Bank Wheels, Cliff Spain, Speed, Steamin Freeman, Sten Nilsson Sten & Stanley, Streetkid, Stu and the Lads, Superskateboard Machine, Sven-Erics, Syphax, T. Rex, Jack Tempchin, Mickey Thomas, Rory Thomas, Thor-Erics, Thorleifs, Patrick Topaloff, Urs, A Sea for yourself OST, Freewheelin´ OST, Go For It OST, Hard Waves Soft Wheels OST, Kenny and Company OST, Monopatin Azul-Limon OST, Trocadero Bleu Citron OST, Trocadero Lemon Bleu OST, Skateboard OST, Skateboard Madness OST, Spinnin´ Wheels OST, Dave Warners (from the suburbs), The Wheels, Joe Wise, Wizex, Wood Lane, Zafra, Rika Zarai …